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Leonardo project PACTES*: A partnership to strengthen and professionalize European organizations in the social economy field.

This project is implemented by four partners which provide daily guidance to entrepreneurs or groups in the field of the social economy sector: SAW-B a Federation of the social economy in Belgium; CIGPEJ-PROEMPLEO, an organization from Madrid qualified to help Cooperatives;  Lok.eV an organization supporting small and young business creation in Berlin; Inter-Made an incubator specialized in social and solidarity economy in Marseille (France).

The United Nations have designated 2012 as the « international year for the cooperative enterprises », in tribute to the contribution of these companies and organizations to help reducing poorness and increasing employment and social integration. By definition, if social business and the third sector economy bring solutions to local problems, it seems important that these organizations and actors share information and get structured in a european level in order to be able to better stand for and promote the impacts of this economy in Europe. Often, in social economy, innovations go through applications : they emerge from field actions; models and training offers getting structured at a second stage.

Thus, the purpose of this project is double : 1- Transfer mutual tools (deliverables, web) 2- Build up a network of partners and entrepreneurs at a european level. Thereby, the project aims to build up and transfer to the different participants a common diagnosis of providing guidance to social business creation : transfer specific principles and methods of guidance for these types of economic activities.

The aim of the project is the professionalization of business creation advisors in France, Spain, Germany and Belgium and the boost of their actions to sectors with collective decision making, social impacts and solidarity, to activities targeted to youth, migrants, innovative or creative activities – without forgetting their local territories. So the project intends to transmit specific methodologies of providing guidance in social business creation. By transfer of different innovations that will enable the partners to propose to their new employees and consultants a tools and methods “kit” that could be used in collective training and guidance as well as in individual situations.

The main results will be the creation of a pedagogic methods and tools kit for the consultants and guides to provide guidance in social business creation, workshops on methods and tools to inform promote and guide social economy, training sessions for the trainer, creation of a collaborative web platform between partners for entrepreneurship in social business and a final conference in order to communicate and appreciate the achievements of the project.

Watch the video of the final conference of the project PACTES

Proyecto PACTES from PACTES on Vimeo.

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