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Saw-B (Brussels / Belgium):

Saw- B is a Belgian federation of Social Economy Enterprises. Its mission is to support the development of a economy focus on people and environment respect.

Their actions are designed to promote the emergence of the new Social Economy and development of existing business structures. Therefore aims to promote economic alternatives to social, economic and environmental returns. Saw-B supports the development of new projects. Advises and accompanies to entrepreneurs in their daily efforts to establish contacts and networking.

Saw- B offers the following services:

  • Support and project structuring.
  • Advice on the legal structure adapted to each project.
  • Advice on business development and strategic marketing.
  • Analysis and advice on the human dimension of the project and the involvement of workers.
  • Advice and support in raising funds and grants for employment.
  • Advice on the appropriate management tools.


Inter-Made (Marseille / France):


Inter-Made is an association created in late 2001, currently has nine employees. As a specialist in the activity of social and solidarity economy incubator Inter-Made accompanies a hundred project proposals per year. Promotes the creation of jobs and activities in the region of Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur through coaching, training and exchanges with the developers of each project. Its activities are organized around different devices:

  • Support and training about the design and the preliminary studies: help with market research, studies of technical and financial feasibility, definition of strategy development and sustainability of the activity.
  • Coaching, consulting and training in the testing phases and operational implementation.
  • Support development projects in the territories .

Inter-Made runs a business incubator in Solidarity Economy, with a high level of business intercooperation successes.

Lok e.V (Berlin / Germany):



Entrepreneurs Support Agency with extensive experience working with young people, migrants and long-term unemployed people

Its activities are focuses on:

  • Individual Support for business start
  • Practical skills and training
  • Business Development Training
  • Marketing
  • Business development through marketing and events
  • Design, development and implementation of innovative projects

ProEmpleo (Madrid/Spain):

Logo CIGPEJ Proempleo

ProEmpleo Association is a nonprofit organization founded in Madrid in 1985, in order to promote training and youth employment in the framework of the Social and Solidarity Economy. His goal is promoting collective self-employment, economic self-management, communication and dissemination of innovative concepts linked to the Social and Solidarity Economy and Local Development.

Throughout the years has also developed activities to service structures second and third grade, such as plan design training, employment and regional development, strategic planning, capacity building, marketing plans, campaigns, and evaluation of projects, participatory methodologies and social audit.

ProEmpleo Association has been for almost 20 years a Cooperative and has regularly participated in exchanges of experiences, articulated in Madrid, nationally and internationally. Today participates in Cooperama and TANGENTE cooperative group.

Besides encouraging the developing of cooperatives (only those groups that have been committed to that option), participates in Social Solidarity Economy networks as REAS, where exchange experiences in the field of professional training, job counseling and job creation and business. Through REAS it is represented in CEPES.

ProEmpleo actively collaborates with existing European networks: RIPESS (International Network for the Promotion of the Social Solidarity Economy) and ESAN (European Network for Social Action) of which is a member of the Board. In the past was part of the Directors Board of the International Committee of the “Management Boutiques” and VIRGILE network of Local Development.

Moreover, ProEmpleo participates in various ethical and supportive financial instruments that support job security and promotion of new projects, such as: Coop57, GAP (Group Project Support), FIARE (Banca Etica) and Social Market.