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Organizing and managing ties of solidarity on a territorial basis

“- between organizations with multiple functions (businesses, authorities, states, mutual aid networks, sectors, etc.);” “- between these people and these organizations with a given biogeographical environment” A territory marks out an expanse of land over which authority is exercised within a geography of powers. It is a link to be managed within a dialogue between the encompassed and the encompassing. A state governance model
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Democratizing the economy

The economic and social functions of the social and solidarity economy (SSE), such as creating new markets, responding to new social needs, creating jobs, fostering social inclusion and strengthening social capital, sometimes overshadow its political mission of democratizing the economy. However, a number of authors, such as Jean-Louis Laville (1999), define the SSE as “all activities that contribute to democratizing the economy based on
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Exchange of entrepreneurial experiences in Berlin (fr)

On November 2013 the fourth meeting of PACTES project was developed in Berlin. In this meeting we visited differents experiences of social entrepreneurship: a company of bicycle courier service, two experiences of degraded urban spaces turned into cultural spaces, a collective gardens, etc. Also, there were training of Social Entrepreneurship with entrepreneurs of differents countries and a conference around the legal frame in the
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Exchange of entrepreneurial experiences in Madrid and Amayuelas (fr)

Last March 2014 was developed the fifth meeting of PACTES project. At that meeting partners from France, Belgium, Germany and Spain began building, in a participatory workshops, future scenarios for Solidarity Economy at European level in 2035. Such research methodology “Future Scenarios”, is a tool that helps us incorporate the complexity and uncertainty in issues of interest. Also, in the meeting there was the
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