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16/09/2014. VI PACTES meeting. Brussels

September 16th will start the last PACTES meeting in Brussels. Click here for more information [in french].

How will be the Future Scenario of Social Economy in 2035 in Europe?

This question will impulse the dialogue in the Future Scenario workshop. SAW-B will host the journey in which an international conference will happen also.

PACTES (Support cooperation and transfer in the social economy project) aims to strengthen and professionalize the European stakeholders of Social Economy initiatives. The project starts in 2012 and is being impulsed by four different organizations: SAW-B (Belgium), Inter Made (France), Lok (Germany) and ProEmpleo (Spain).

For two years, the project has been creating and sharing a collaborative diagnosis about innovation in Social and Solidarity Economy. One of the main objectives is to encourage entrepreneurs and consultants in the field of Social Economy. 

This closing event will report the main results of the project related with: supporting structures for enterpreneurship and training in Social Economy field.

More information: Time: from 13h30 Location: Amazone, rue du Méridien Bruxelles 10-1210 Mail: jf.herz@sawb.be Tél. 122 764 0498 – Site: http: // www. im-pactes.eu


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